Bryce Beattie

Author & Editor

Storyhack Five

Published January 7, 2020

StoryHack is back with 9 stories of thrilling fights, strange monsters, and wild adventures. In this issue, you'll find:

The Last Word by H. A. Titus

It's all in an evening's work when the owner of a speakeasy asks Owan Craig, half-fae private eye, to deal with a little problem. Trouble is, that problem is attached to fae mobsters–just the sort of folks Owan likes to avoid.

The Singer's Tale by Jon Mollison

An alluring chanteuse uses everything she has to amass fame and glory. How many lives is she willing to destroy to reach the top?

The Lair of the Old Ones by Stanley W. Wagenaar

A wandering adventurer helps the daughter of a local ruling Baron in a scrap, and finds that her family's castle is hiding a monstrous secret.

Acme Denton: Out of Time by Michael Haynes

A mid-20th century PI finds himself transported to an Old West where magic is real, and really deadly.

The Last Contract by Dominika Lein

A futuristic hitman and his alien assistant go for one last job, but something is amiss.

Makani and the Vulture God by Paul R. McNamee

When treachery disrupts an ancient contest, Makani the ka-man must fight human and supernatural foes to retrieve the stolen spirit of his friend.

Night of a Thousand Eyes by Deborah L. Davitt

Arthur Polaris long ago uploaded to an android body. Now, he's investigating the disappearance of several other GalSec operatives on a corporation world. The dark secrets he learns might just cost him his life.

Black Dog Bend by JD Cowan

A musician stumbles into a time warp and finds himself part of a revenge plot. Now he must battle a killer dog, hired hitman, and a witch to escape.

Swimming with the Devil by William Eckman

A Persian pearl diver decides to cut out the middleman when selling his pearls. He ends up at the mercy of pirates, then slavers, then a sea monster.

Don't miss a word of the excitement.