Bryce Beattie

Author & Editor

Once Upon and Through the Mountain

Published June 12, 2018

Living in a fairyland isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, there are wondrous magics to behold, but if you're a kid, adults never tell you the whole story. And Mia, for one, is a little tired of being ignored and having mountains of unanswered questions.

But when Mia rediscovers a long-forgotten rite of passage, she starts to get all the wrong attention. The Matron freaks out and sets the whole town against her.

If the Matron doesn't expel her, Mia just might discover the powerful secret her people have lost. Assuming the mountain doesn't kill her first.

Read along as Mia comes of age and learns that the crowd isn't always right, and what is right can be painfully difficult. Even when there are pixies in your garden.

Published by Immortal Works

Audiobook also available