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Taggist - Free Windows software for making tag/description files for images

Taggist is a free windows program that helps you manually describe or tag images in a directory. When you load a directory, for every image, it makes sure there is a similarly-named .txt file. So if there is an image.jpg or image.png in a directory, Taggist creates an image.txt file.

Taggist then provides a way to quickly edit those .txt files while looking at the image file.



taggist v1 ~ 1.2mb


Download and unzip the file, then run the newly unzipped taggist-win_x64.exe file.

Source Code

taggist v1 source code

taggist is built with neutralinojs. Once you install neutralino, just unzip the code, and navigate into the taggist directory. To run taggist, type:

neu run

To package up taggist, type:

neu build --release 

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