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Works as Author

More or less in chronological order, starting with the most recent:

  • "Escape from OUB-8" Novel. Cavalier Burns is the first mate on an interstellar freighter, and his only goal in life is to someday become the captain of his own vessel. That dream is shattered when pirates assault his ship. It is only by accident that he is left alive. Burning with hatred toward his shipmates' killers, he is willing to throw his life away if it means exacting revenge on the brutal aliens. In Paperback and ebook
  • "Small Town Sorcery" Short story. Supernatural terrors plague a child, and her father doesn't seem to be concerned. What nightmare is he trying to hide? Published in Sidearm & Sorcery Volume One.
  • "All in Her Head" Short Story. "Want to take a mind trip? No drugs involved." Read the classified. What could go wrong? Joshua decided. Published in Issue #38 of Pulp Adventures.
  • "Beautiful Zion, Built Above" Short Story. An alternate history tale wherein Latter-Day Saints have settled on the shores of Yellowstone Lake instead of near the Great Salt Lake. They have harnessed the energy of the thermal features on the lake bottom to run their city. A junior repairist finds enormous teeth marks on the equipment that runs the city. Is there a prehistoric alligator living beneath the waves? Published in A Mighty Fortress: Being an Anthology of Mormon Steampunk
  • "The Unsummoning of Urb Tc'Leth" Short Story. A man receives a cryptic text from an old friend, but learns she and another woman have been kidnapped by a demon-worshipping cult. Can he find them in time to stop the cult from using their blood to raise a demonic horror? Published in Issue 6 of Occult Detective Magazine.
  • "Once Upon and Through the Mountain" Novel (middle grade). Living in a fairyland isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, there are wondrous magics to behold, but if you're a kid, adults never tell you the whole story. And Mia, for one, is a little tired of being ignored and having mountains of unanswered questions. Published by Immortal Works. Once Upon and Through the Mountain
  • "Swordcrossed Frostbite" Novelette. The dead man had threatened her with all manner of atrocity, so she didn't feel guilty about checking his body for coin. She should have been watching out for his conjuring partner. Available in Audio, Paperback, and Softcover. Swordcrossed Frostbite
  • "Epic Dad" Flash Fiction. _Conan, if he was a modern father. Or perhaps the story of a father who reads too much Conan. Written for the Immortal Works podcast. Reading of Epic Dad
  • "Pride of the Traveler" Short Story. A traveling swordsman gets in over his head when he challenges a local authority to a fight. Originally published in Astonishing Adventures Magazine. Pride of the Traveler
  • "Alexander Adam Astronaut" Children's Book. This is a completely silly bedtime book about a little boy who is recruited to be an astronaut. Free .pdf | paperback
  • "The Journey of St. Laurent" Novel. ER nurse Corbin St. Laurent has had a bad couple of weeks. His hometown was overrun by zombies and then bombed to the ground. Now he finds out aliens are not only real, but hostile. To make matters worse, the government's only response is to tell everyone to calm down. With Washington strangely reluctant to fight back, Corbin searches for a weapon that could give the people cause to rise up - the same zombie virus that destroyed Oasis. View online retailers
  • "Oasis" Novel. Terrorists use a free vaccination trailer as a front to infect the desert city of Oasis with a virus that has the power to kill the mind and take over the body. View online retailers
  • "Mama Vera's Diner" Audio Drama Script. A man becomes trapped at a mystical diner. Free to download, and free to use in a production. I'd appreciate a credit if you do ever use it, though. And maybe an email. pdf
  • "Alex & Chance vs. The Men in Black" Audio Drama Script A young couple sees a UFO and gets themselves into a heap of trouble. Free to download, and free to use in a production. I'd appreciate a credit if you do ever use it, though. And maybe an email. pdf | libreoffice .odt