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The Points League

Early in the pandemic I read a book on soccer coaching titled "In My Tribe." In the book, the author (Soccer Coach Dan Blank) talks about an ongoing competition he has run with his teams called "The Points League."

The concept is pretty simple. The Points League is held within a Soccer team. Often at the end of practices, the team splits into 2 or three small-sided squads who play a short game or two. Every player gets the points their squad scores added to their own personal point tally. The winning squad gets 3 extra points. If squards tie, players get 1 extra point. The squads change every time. This goes on for the year or season and at the end, the player with the most individual points is the winner.

Anyway, when I read about it, I thought, "I could totally make that into a piece of software." I got the project about 85% done and promptly forgot about it. Recently, I was cleaning up my open projects folder and decided to finish the software up. Well, it's done and has its own website.

There is an online version, and an installable Windows version. Both are free to use. Downloads and more information are available at: