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Virtual Note Cards (Windows Software)

Another little piece of free software which allows you to create, reorder and export virtual note cards.

Note: I originally released this back in 2018 over on the website for my magazine, but it doesn't really fit there, so I just moved it here.

A long while back I wrote a little online app that let you write/edit/delete/rearrange virtual index cards. I quietly let that project die, but instead of writing the submission manager that I should be working on, I was recently overcome with the urge to revisit the idea. So now it’s been rebuilt from the ground up and made into an installable app. Windows only, for now.

Yeah, but what is it?

Virtual Note Cards is a little app that does what it says on the box: it lets you make note “cards”, edit them, and shuffle them around (just drag and drop them where you want them.) When you need it, you can export a text file of all of your notes, in order. It also supports markdown text, if you want the formatting for the text on a card to be a little sexier.

What is it good for?

Well, I made it to help organize thoughts/scenes while writing fiction. But feel free to use for any legal purpose you can think of.

What’s it cost?

It’s free.

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You can download the windows installer here: Virtual Note Cards. (~23 mb)


  • 2018-10-01: initial release