Author, Editor, Programmer, & Believer

Hi, I'm Bryce. I'm a family man living just north of Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife, 3 daughters and son. I write primarily action/adventure fiction in a variety of genres. I like to read stories written by folks like Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs & Lester Dent. I often listen to old time radio programs. I’m a very religious (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) guy and a libertarian. I love jazz and blues music, firearms, pulp magazines, programming, computer security topics, escape rooms, brisket & other smoked meats, high fives, kettlebells, two-wheeled transportation, my wife, and my kids. Not all exactly in that order. When I'm not writing, I am coding web apps and managing the IT needs of a haunted hotel in West Yellowstone. I have eaten piranha from the Amazon river, often danced the lindy hop, and started a pulp magazine.

Speaking of that pulp magazine, you can check it out at

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